After Fields of Mud, Seeds of Hope was broken up on November 16th, the soil, some of which is from Flanders and contains millions of ungerminated poppy seeds, has been parcelled up and sent across the UK.

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The Piece

Composed using battlefield mud from Flanders and earth taken from a Great War military camp in the U.K the work starts thoroughly soaked. As the wet mud dries and cracks the five battle weary silhouettes gradually appear, trudging home their backs to the past and facing the future.

Deep within the mud millions of ungerminated poppy seeds lay dormant.

When decommissioned segments of the sculpture comprising of the dried earth and seeds will be made available to the public to create their own artworks or memorial gardens, therefore allowing the legacy of the work to continue in another form indefinitely.

3rd of October – 14th November in Ripon Cathedral.

Admission to the exhibition is free, entry to Ripon Cathedral is donation only.